Andorran citizenship by descent

Andorran citizenship is primarily based on the principles of jus soli, which means citizenship is acquired by birth on Andorran territory. However, Andorran law also allows for citizenship to be acquired through descent in certain circumstances.

How to get citizenship by descent in Andorra

Let’s explore the provisions for Andorran citizenship by descent.

  1. Parental Descent. A person born outside Andorran territory may acquire citizenship if at least one of their parents is a citizen of Andorra at the time of their birth. This provision applies regardless of whether the parents were married or not.
  2. Grandparent Descent. In some cases, Andorran citizenship may be granted to a person born outside Andorra if at least one of their grandparents was a citizen of Andorra. However, this provision is subject to certain conditions, such as the person establishing a genuine connection with Andorra and fulfilling additional requirements determined by Andorran authorities.

Documentation and Application

To obtain Andorran citizenship by descent, you will typically need to go through a documentation and application process. Here are the general steps involved:

  1. Gather Required Documents. Collect the necessary documents to support your claim for Andorran citizenship by descent. These may include:
    • Birth certificates: Yours, your parents’, and possibly your grandparents’ (if applicable).
    • Marriage certificates: If your parents were married, provide their marriage certificate.
    • Proof of citizenship: Documents establishing the citizenship of your Andorran parent or grandparent (such as their passport or identity card).
  2. Contact Andorran Authorities. Reach out to the relevant Andorran government department responsible for citizenship matters. In Andorra, this is typically the Civil Registry (Registre Civil) or the Ministry of Justice (Ministeri de Justícia). Inquire about the specific requirements and procedures for acquiring citizenship by descent.
  3. Submit Application. Complete the citizenship application form provided by the Andorran authorities. Ensure that you accurately fill in all the required information and attach the supporting documents as per their instructions.
  4. Provide Additional Information. In some cases, the Andorran authorities may require additional information to assess your eligibility for citizenship by descent. This can include evidence of your relationship to the Andorran parent or grandparent, documentation of their Andorran citizenship, or proof of your connection to Andorra.
  5. Pay Fees. Check if there are any application fees or processing fees associated with the citizenship application. Follow the instructions provided by the Andorran authorities to pay the required fees.
  6. Await Decision. Once your application is submitted, it will be reviewed by the Andorran authorities. The processing time can vary, so be prepared for some waiting. During this time, they may contact you for additional information or request an interview.
  7. Notification of Decision. You will be informed of the decision regarding your citizenship application. If approved, you may be required to take an oath of allegiance or complete additional formalities to finalize your citizenship.

Dual Citizenship

Dual citizenship is typically not permitted in Andorra. According to old Andorran legislation, anyone earning Andorran citizenship had to renounce any prior citizenship they may have had.


Can I acquire Andoran citizenship if one of my grandparents is a citizen of Andorra?

Yes, in certain cases, Andoran citizenship may be granted if at least one of your grandparents is a citizen of Andorra.

What documents do I need to provide to prove my eligibility for Andoran citizenship by descent?

The required documents may include your birth certificate, the birth certificates of your parents and grandparents (if applicable), marriage certificates (if your parents were married), and proof of citizenship for your Andoran parent or grandparent (such as their passport or identity card).

Can I hold dual citizenship with Andorra if I acquire Andoran citizenship by descent?

No, dual citizenship is typically not permitted in Andorra.

Can I apply for Andoran citizenship by descent if my parents were not married?

Yes, Andoran citizenship by descent is generally available regardless of whether your parents were married or not. As long as you meet the requirements based on your parent or grandparent’s Andoran citizenship, you may be eligible to apply.


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