Bosnia and Herzegovina citizenship by descent

Bosnia and Herzegovina allows for citizenship by descent, which means that individuals with a parent or grandparent who was a citizen of Bosnia and Herzegovina may be eligible to claim citizenship.

How to get citizenship by descent in Bosnia and Herzegovina

The following general principles apply to citizenship by descent in Bosnia and Herzegovina:

  1. Descent through parents. A person born to at least one Bosnia and Herzegovina citizen at the time of their birth is normally eligible for citizenship. At the time of the child’s birth, the parent must have been a citizen of Bosnia and Herzegovina.
  2. Descent through grandparents. In certain cases, citizenship can also be claimed through grandparents. If one or both grandparents were citizens of Bosnia and Herzegovina, the grandchild may be eligible for citizenship, but specific conditions and requirements may apply.
  3. Documentation and proof. To claim citizenship by descent, you typically need to provide relevant documentation, such as birth certificates, passports, marriage certificates, and other supporting documents. These documents should establish the familial relationship and prove the Bosnian citizenship of the relevant ancestor.

Documentation and Application

To apply for citizenship by descent in Bosnia and Herzegovina, you will typically need to gather the necessary documentation and follow the application process. While the specific requirements and procedures may vary, here is a general overview of the documentation and application process:

  1. Gather necessary documents. Collect the required documents to prove your descent from a Bosnian citizen. These may include:
    • Your birth certificate
    • Your parent’s or grandparent’s birth certificate
    • Your parent’s or grandparent’s passport or identification document proving their Bosnian citizenship
    • Marriage certificates, if applicable
    • Any other relevant documents that establish the familial relationship and Bosnian citizenship of your ancestor
  2. Authenticate and translate your documents. If your papers are not already in one of Bosnia and Herzegovina’s three official languages, you have to translate them into one of these languages.
  3. Speak with the authorities.
  4. Send in your application.
  5. Processing of applications. Your application and any supporting materials will be examined by the authorities. If necessary, they may ask for more data or documentation.
  6. Decision-making and acquiring citizenship. If your application is accepted, you will receive a citizenship certificate or other pertinent documentation attesting to your Bosnian nationality.

Dual Citizenship

Dual citizenship is commonly permitted in Bosnia & Herzegovina. This indicates that people can become citizens of Bosnia without having to relinquish their current citizenship(s) in another country.


Can I obtain Bosnian citizenship through my parents or grandparents?

Yes, you may be eligible for Bosnian citizenship if you have at least one parent or grandparent who is a citizen of Bosnia and Herzegovina.

What documents do I need to prove my descent for citizenship?

Typically, you will need to provide birth certificates for yourself, your parent(s), and your grandparent(s). Additionally, you may need to submit passports or identification documents of your Bosnian citizen parent or grandparent, as well as any marriage certificates if applicable.

Are there any language or residency requirements for citizenship by descent?

In general, there are no specific language or residency requirements for citizenship by descent.

Can I hold dual citizenship if I acquire Bosnian citizenship by descent?

Yes, Bosnia and Herzegovina generally allows for dual citizenship, meaning you can hold both Bosnian citizenship and the citizenship of another country.


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