Croatian Citizenship by Investment

Through a scheme called “Croatian Citizenship by Investment,” international nationals can become citizens of Croatia by making a sizeable investment there. This program was launched in 2021 to entice international investment and boost the nation’s economy.

Who is eligible?

A person must invest at least €2 million in Croatia in order to be eligible for citizenship by investment. There are several ways to invest, including:

  • Business investment: Purchasing stock in a Croatian corporation or establishing a new enterprise there
  • Investing in real estate: Buying a home in Croatia
  • Government securities: Purchasing Croatian government securities

What is the process?

The following steps are normally involved in the citizenship by investment process for Croatia:

  • You must invest at least €2 million in Croatia and fulfill other requirements, such as having a spotless criminal background, in order to qualify for citizenship by investment in Croatia
  • Make the investment: After deciding on the kind of investment you want to make, you must transfer the money to a bank account in Croatia and show proof of the transaction
  • The next step is to apply for a temporary residency visa in Croatia, which you will need to do after making the investment. This license can be renewed for an additional two years
  • You can apply for citizenship by investment once you have held a temporary residency visa for at least five years and satisfy all other requirements. A background check and the submission of various papers, including proof of residency and investment in Croatia, are necessary for this application
  • Attend an interview: After completing your application, you may be asked to appear for an interview with the Croatian Ministry of Interior Affairs and address any queries they might have
  • If your application is processed and has been accepted, you will be notified of the result and given Croatian citizenship and a Croatian passport


What is the citizenship by investment program for Croatia?

Through the Croatian Citizenship by Investment program, international nationals can become citizens of Croatia by making a sizeable investment in the nation.

What amount of money must be invested in order to be eligible for Croatian Citizenship by Investment?

A minimum investment of €2 million is needed to be eligible for Croatian citizenship through investment.

Which investments fall under the program's purview?

Investing in a Croatian business, purchasing real estate, or purchasing government bonds are examples of the types of investments that the program accepts.


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