Croatian Citizenship by Marriage

The phrase “Croatian citizenship by marriage” refers to obtaining Croatian citizenship by matrimony with a Croatian national. It enables a foreign person married to a citizen of Croatia to apply for and maybe win citizenship in Croatia based on their union.

If specific conditions are met and the application process is completed, a person may be qualified to apply for Croatian citizenship by marrying a citizen of Croatia. The particular qualifications may include time spent living in Croatia, language ability, moral character, and adherence to the law.


The eligibility requirements can vary, but generally, the following conditions apply:

  • Marriage to a Croatian citizen: You must be legally married to a Croatian citizen. This means that your marriage must be officially registered and recognized by Croatian law
  • Residence requirement: You need to have legally resided in Croatia for a certain period of time. The typical requirement is five years of continuous residence, although there may be exceptions or variations based on individual circumstances
  • Language proficiency: You may be required to demonstrate basic knowledge of the Croatian language. This can be done through a language exam or by providing other acceptable proof of your language skills
  • Good character and behavior: You should provide evidence of your good character and behavior. This usually involves obtaining a police clearance certificate or similar document from your home country and any other countries where you have resided
  • Compliance with legal requirements: You must comply with the legal obligations and requirements set by Croatian law. This includes abiding by immigration laws, maintaining a valid residence permit, and fulfilling any other obligations specific to your situation

The Process

The procedure must be followed when requesting citizenship by marriage in Croatia is special. The following steps are typically included in the process:

  1. The relevant paperwork should be gathered, including your passport, birth certificate, marriage certificate, proof of residency, proof of language ability, proof of income or employment, and any additional papers the Croatian government may require.
  2. Fill out the application: Pick up an application for Croatian citizenship by marriage from the interior ministry or your neighborhood police administration office. Give all the information requested and complete the form.
  3. Application submission: Deliver your completed application form and any other supporting documentation to the relevant authority. This is often the local police administration office or the interior ministry in the region where you live.
  4. Background checks and processing: The authorities will examine your application, run background checks, and examine your documents to make sure they are real. You might be needed to appear in an interview during this period of time, which can last many months.
  5. Decision and notification: After your citizenship application has been processed, you will be notified of the outcome. You will be informed if your application has been accepted, and you could have to swear allegiance to Croatia as a result.
  6. papers required for citizenship: Following approval, you must get your Croatian citizenship papers, such as a citizenship certificate or identity card. This will demonstrate your Croatian nationality.


How long do I need to be married to a Croatian citizen to be eligible for citizenship?

The duration of marriage is not a specific requirement for Croatian citizenship by marriage. However, you generally need to have a legally recognized and registered marriage to a Croatian citizen.

How long do I need to reside in Croatia before applying for citizenship?

The usual requirement is five years of continuous legal residence in Croatia. However, the residence requirement can vary based on individual circumstances.

Do I need to speak Croatian to apply for citizenship by marriage?

Basic knowledge of the Croatian language is often required. This can be demonstrated through a language exam or by providing other acceptable proof of your language skills.

What documents are required for the application?

The required documents can include your passport, birth certificate, marriage certificate, proof of residence, proof of language proficiency, and other supporting documents as requested by the Croatian authorities.

Can my children also obtain Croatian citizenship through my marriage?

Yes, in certain cases, children of foreign spouses may also be eligible for Croatian citizenship. The specific eligibility criteria for children can vary, so it’s advisable to consult with the Croatian authorities or seek legal advice.


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