Croatian Citizenship by Naturalization

Croatian citizenship by naturalization is the process of obtaining Croatian citizenship for individuals who were not born in Croatia or who do not have Croatian ancestry. Naturalization allows individuals to become Croatian citizens by meeting certain requirements and going through an application and approval process.

Who is Eligible?

A person must fulfill a number of requirements in order to qualify for Croatian citizenship through naturalization. Among these conditions are:

  • Residency: The applicant must have been a resident of Croatia for at least eight years, at least five of those years being spent continuously before submitting the application
  • The candidate must prove that they are literate in Croatian, which can be done by completing a language test
  • The candidate must be of good character and conduct and have no criminal history
  • Financial independence: The candidate must be able to sustain oneself and any dependents without turning to public assistance
  • Knowledge of Croatian culture and society: The applicant must prove that they have a working understanding of Croatian culture and society, which they can do by passing a test

What is the Process?

By naturalization, one can become a citizen of Croatia in numerous steps:

  • You must first make sure you match the qualifying standards, which include residency, language competency, moral character, financial stability, and familiarity with Croatian culture and society
  • The necessary paperwork must be gathered, including evidence of your identification, legal standing in Croatia, language skills, financial stability, and familiarity with Croatian culture and society
  • Send the application. Once you have obtained the necessary evidence, you can send the application for naturalization to the Interior Ministry. The application will contain details about you, your eligibility requirements, and the supporting documentation you have acquired
  • Wait for processing: Following application submission, you will need to hold off while the application is handled. Despite the fact that processing times can vary, it often takes several months
  • You will be asked to take an oath of allegiance to the Republic of Croatia if your application is accepted. Your devotion to Croatia, its laws, and its constitution is formally declared by taking the oath
  • Get your citizenship certificate: Following the oath of loyalty, you’ll get your citizenship certificate, which formally attests to the fact that you’re a Croatian citizen


How long does it take to process an application for Croatian citizenship?

To obtain citizenship by naturalization in Croatia, you are generally required to have resided continuously in the country for a minimum of eight years. This period of residency is counted from the date you received a legal residence permit in Croatia.

Despite the fact that processing times can vary, it often takes several months. It is significant to remember that if more supporting documents or material is needed, the processing time can increase.

Do I need to renounce my current citizenship to obtain Croatian citizenship?

No, Croatia allows dual citizenship, which means that you can maintain your current citizenship while also obtaining Croatian citizenship.

Do I need to speak Croatian to obtain citizenship by naturalization in Croatia?

Yes, knowledge of the Croatian language is a requirement for obtaining citizenship by naturalization. You will need to demonstrate proficiency in Croatian, usually through language proficiency tests and interviews conducted by the relevant authorities.


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