Cypriot citizenship by birth

Citizenship by birth in Cyprus refers to the acquisition of Cypriot citizenship by individuals who are born in Cyprus. Cypriot citizenship by birth is primarily determined by the nationality of the parents at the time of the child’s birth.

How to get citizenship by birth in Cyprus

Here is a summary of the key clauses:

  1. Jus sanguinis (blood right). No matter where they were born, a kid who has at least one citizen of Cyprus as a parent is automatically granted Cypriot citizenship.
  2. Right of soil, or jus soli. If at least one of the parents is a Cyprus legal permanent resident or has lived in Cyprus for a specific amount of time prior to the kid’s birth, the infant may be granted Cypriot citizenship.
  3. The parents are both non-citizens of Cyprus. The child may qualify for Cypriot citizenship if both parents are foreign nationals but at least one of them has lived legally in Cyprus for a specified amount of time prior to the child’s birth.

Documentation and Application

Certain supporting papers and a formal application process are normally needed in order to gain Cypriot citizenship by birth. An overview of the documentation and application procedure is provided below:


  1. Certificate of birth. A certified copy of the kid’s birth certificate, which contains details on the child, their parents, and the location of birth, is required.
  2. Identity cards for the parents. Both parents’ passports or other forms of identification, as well as any necessary residency permits or paperwork proving their presence in Cyprus, are required.
  3. Certificate of marriage, if applicable. You might need to present a certified copy of the child’s parents’ marriage license if they are married.
  4. Additional paperwork. Additional documentation, such as verification of the parents’ residency in Cyprus or proof of their Cypriot citizenship, may be needed depending on the details of the situation.

Application process

The exact process and requirements for applying for Cypriot citizenship by birth can vary, so it is essential to consult the official website of the Republic of Cyprus or contact the relevant authorities for the most accurate and up-to-date information. Generally, the process may involve the following steps:

  1. Obtain the required paperwork. Amass all the above-listed necessary documentation.
  2. Fill out the application completely. Fill out the birth citizenship application form for Cyprus. The form may be collected from the necessary authorities or may be found on the Republic of Cyprus’s official website.
  3. Send in your application. Send the completed application form and the necessary paperwork to the appropriate authorities. Usually, this is carried out at the Ministry of Interior or another official government agency in charge of citizenship issues.
  4. Pay any fees that are due. It’s possible that the application process will cost money. Make sure you are informed of the costs and make the required payment before submitting your application.
  5. Examining applications. Your application and any supporting materials will be examined by the authorities. If more research is required, they may ask for more information or run extra checks.
  6. Decision notification. You will be advised of the result of the child’s Cypriot citizenship after the application has been processed. If accepted, you might get a citizenship certificate or similar official document.

Dual Nationality

Dual citizenship is legal in Cyprus, hence a person may simultaneously have citizenship in two different nations.


What is Cypriot citizenship by birth?

Cypriot citizenship by birth refers to the acquisition of Cypriot citizenship based on being born in Cyprus or being born to at least one Cypriot citizen parent.

What are the requirements for Cypriot citizenship by birth?

The requirements can vary depending on the specific circumstances. Generally, if at least one parent is a Cypriot citizen at the time of the child’s birth, or if the child is born in Cyprus to parents who meet certain residency criteria, the child may be eligible for Cypriot citizenship by birth.

Can I acquire Cypriot citizenship if I was born in Cyprus but my parents are not Cypriot citizens?

It is possible to acquire Cypriot citizenship if you were born in Cyprus but your parents are not Cypriot citizens.

Can I hold dual citizenship with Cyprus?

Yes, Cyprus allows dual citizenship. This means that individuals can hold Cypriot citizenship alongside citizenship of another country.

Can I apply for Cypriot citizenship by birth retrospectively?

Generally, the acquisition of Cypriot citizenship by birth is determined at the time of birth. If you did not acquire Cypriot citizenship at birth, it may not be possible to apply for it retrospectively.

Can I pass on Cypriot citizenship to my children if I am a Cypriot citizen?

Yes, Cypriot citizenship can be passed on to children by Cypriot citizen parents. The rules regarding citizenship transmission can depend on various factors, such as the parents’ marital status and the place of birth of the child. It is advisable to consult the relevant authorities or legal professionals for accurate information.


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