Czech citizenship by birth

The nationality of a person’s parents at the time of birth determines their citizenship by birth in the Czech Republic. Jus sanguinis, which states that citizenship is largely attained by ancestry from Czech parents, is the prevailing rule of the Czech Republic.

How to get citizenship by birth in Czechia

If you were born in Czechia but neither of your parents are citizens of the Czech Republic, the procedure to get Czech citizenship by birth may be different. You can take the following actions:

  1. Assess eligibility. Verify whether you satisfy the requirements for obtaining Czech citizenship by birth. provided you were born in the Czech Republic but neither of your parents is a citizen, you may qualify provided you have lived there lawfully for at least five years.
  2. Assemble the relevant paperwork. Gather all the information you need to support your application. This normally consists of your birth certificate, documentation proving your right to live in the Czech Republic, and any further pertinent documents proving your eligibility.
  3. Request legal permanent residence. You might need to establish permanent residency in Czechia before submitting an application for citizenship. To learn more about the requirements and application procedure for permanent residency, get in touch with the relevant authorities in your area or the Czech Ministry of the Interior.
  4. Meet the conditions for residency. Make sure you’ve satisfied the residence criteria. In general, you must have lived lawfully in Czechia for at least five years; but, depending on your unique situation, there may be exceptions or adjustments.
  5. Submit a citizenship application. You can submit an application for citizenship by birth once you’ve satisfied the residency criteria. Prepare your application and send it, along with the necessary paperwork, to the interior ministry in the Czech Republic.
  6. Participate in an interview and supply further details. To evaluate your application, the authorities could arrange a meeting with you. Be ready to discuss your past, place of residence, and motivations for pursuing Czech citizenship. Additionally, you could be asked to submit any supporting documents or additional information.
  7. Wait for a choice and processing. Applications for citizenship can take a while to process. It’s crucial to exercise patience during this time and, if necessary, follow up with the appropriate authorities. You will be made aware of the result once a choice has been made.

Documentation and Application

Here are some typical documents you could be required to submit:

  1. Certificate of birth. To establish your identity, date of birth, and place of birth, you typically need to present your original birth certificate.
  2. Passports or other forms of identification for parents. In order to prove your parents’ identity and nationality, you will normally need to present their passports or other forms of documentation.
  3. Evidence of Czech citizenship or long-term residence for parents. You could be required to present proof of your parents’ Czech citizenship or status as a permanent resident if you’re seeking for citizenship by birth through a Czech parent.
  4. Proof of Czech Republic residency, if necessary. You may be required to submit documentation proving your legal residency, such as residence permits, long-term visas, or other pertinent documents, if you are seeking for citizenship by birth based on your personal residence in Czechia.
  5. Certificate of marriage, if applicable. You might be required to present your parents’ marriage license as evidence of their status as married if they are.
  6. Additional paperwork. Additional documentation can be needed, depending on your unique situation. Documents proving your ongoing residency in the Czech Republic, proof of your parents’ legal status at the time of your birth, and any additional records substantiating your claim to Czech citizenship may be included.

Dual Citizenship

Dual citizenship is commonly permitted in the Czech Republic. This indicates that people can generally gain Czech citizenship without having to renounce their prior citizenship.


Can I obtain Czech citizenship if I was born in the Czech Republic but neither of my parents are Czech citizens?

Yes, if you were born in the Czech Republic and at least one of your parents holds a permanent residence permit at the time of your birth, you can acquire Czech citizenship by birth.

I was born outside of the Czech Republic, but my parents are Czech citizens. Can I obtain Czech citizenship?

Yes, if at least one of your parents is a Czech citizen at the time of your birth, you are eligible for Czech citizenship regardless of the place of your birth.

Can I acquire Czech citizenship if I was born in the Czech Republic to foreign parents who have temporary residence permits?

No, temporary residence permits do not grant eligibility for acquiring Czech citizenship by birth. Both parents must hold permanent residence permits in the Czech Republic at the time of your birth for you to be eligible.

Do I need to apply for Czech citizenship by birth, or is it automatic?

In most cases, Czech citizenship by birth is automatic if you meet the eligibility criteria. However, it is advisable to contact the Czech authorities to obtain the necessary documentation and confirm your citizenship status.

What documents are required to prove Czech citizenship by birth?

The specific documents required may vary depending on the circumstances. Generally, you would need to provide your birth certificate, your parents’ identification documents, and any other relevant supporting documents as per the requirements of the Czech authorities.

Can I obtain Czech citizenship by birth if my parents are stateless?

Yes, if you were born on Czech territory and neither of your parents holds citizenship or their nationality is unknown, you can acquire Czech citizenship by birth.


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