Czech citizenship by investment

The Czech Republic does not offer a formal citizenship-by-investment program. Obtaining Czech citizenship typically requires meeting specific criteria, such as having a Czech parent, being married to a Czech citizen, or residing in the country for an extended period and fulfilling other conditions. The process usually involves naturalization, where applicants need to demonstrate knowledge of the Czech language, pass a test on the country’s history, and meet other requirements.

How to get citizenship by investment in Czechia

The Czech Republic does not have a formal citizenship-by-investment program specifically tailored for investors. However, there are other avenues through which investors can potentially obtain Czech citizenship. Here are some possibilities:

  1. Long-term residence. Investors can apply for long-term residence in the Czech Republic, which is a prerequisite for eventual citizenship. This route typically requires investment in a Czech business or company, such as setting up a business or purchasing shares in an existing company. It’s important to note that there are specific investment and job creation requirements that must be met.
  2. Economic activities. Investors can establish a business in the Czech Republic and engage in economic activities that contribute to the country’s development and economy. By running a successful business and meeting certain conditions, investors may become eligible for permanent residence and, eventually, citizenship.
  3. Investment in government bonds. While not a direct pathway to citizenship, the Czech Republic offers a program called the “Qualifying Investor” scheme. Under this scheme, individuals who invest a significant amount of money in government bonds can obtain a long-term residence permit, which can eventually lead to citizenship.

Documentation and Application

To apply for Czech citizenship as an investor, you will generally need to provide the following documentation and go through the application process:

Long-term residence permit

As mentioned earlier, obtaining long-term residence is usually a prerequisite for Czech citizenship. To apply for a long-term residence permit, you will need to provide:

  • A completed application form.
  • Valid passport or travel document.
  • Proof of purpose of stay, such as investment in a Czech business or company.
  • Evidence of sufficient financial means to support yourself and any dependents.
  • Criminal record certificate from your home country.
  • Proof of health insurance coverage.

Permanent residence permit

Once you have obtained a long-term residence permit, you can work towards obtaining permanent residence in the Czech Republic. The requirements for permanent residence may include:

  • Demonstrating a certain period of continuous residence in the Czech Republic (usually five years).
  • Sufficient knowledge of the Czech language.
  • Passing a test on Czech history and society.
  • Proof of integration into Czech society.
  • Proof of financial stability and means of support.

Citizenship application

After obtaining permanent residence, you may be eligible to apply for Czech citizenship. The application process generally includes:

  • Submitting a completed citizenship application form.
  • Providing documentation to demonstrate your eligibility, such as proof of residence, language proficiency, and knowledge of Czech history.
  • Additional requirements, such as renunciation of previous citizenship (in some cases), good character references, and fulfilling specific residency obligations.

Dual Citizenship

The Czech Republic generally allows dual citizenship. This means that individuals can acquire Czech citizenship without being required to renounce their previous citizenship.


Is there a citizenship-by-investment program in the Czech Republic?

The Czech Republic does not have a formal citizenship-by-investment program. Citizenship in the Czech Republic is primarily obtained through naturalization, which involves meeting specific criteria and fulfilling requirements such as knowledge of the Czech language, passing tests, and meeting residency obligations.

Can I apply for Czech citizenship if I have obtained permanent residence through investment?

Yes, holding permanent residence is one of the requirements for applying for Czech citizenship. However, additional criteria, such as language proficiency, may need to be met.

Can I bring my family members to the Czech Republic if I have obtained permanent residence through investment?

Yes, you can apply for family reunification and bring your immediate family members, such as your spouse and children, to live with you in the Czech Republic.


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