Estonian Citizenship by Investment

The Estonian Startup Visa, a citizenship by investment program offered by Estonia, enables entrepreneurs to relocate their businesses to Estonia and acquire residency permits that may eventually lead to citizenship.

A startup visa application, which provides the entrepreneur and their team with a one-year residence permit, is one of the program’s several stages. A five-year extended residency visa can then be requested by the startup after this point. The entrepreneur might be qualified for Estonian citizenship after five years of residence.

Who can apply for the program?

  • A financially sound startup, with plenty of potential for rapid development and global success. It also should be less than five years old started by the entrepreneur or co-founded by them.
  • Business plan: The applicant must present a thorough business plan outlining their proposed venture, its likelihood of success, and the methods they intend to employ to expand it.
  • Financial stability: The business owner must show that they have the means to support both themselves and their operation while they are in Estonia. This can come from one’s own savings, money from investors, or other sources of income.
  • A spotless criminal record: The businessperson must not be under investigation or have any criminal cases pending against them in Estonia or their home country.
  • Health insurance: The business owner must possess proper health insurance in Estonia.
  • A registered business: The entrepreneur must already be operating a legally recognized enterprise in Estonia or be in the process of doing so.
  • A qualified team is necessary for the entrepreneur’s business, and that team must at least include one employee or co-founder who is moving to Estonia.

What is the Process?

  1. Making an application is the initial step in the process of receiving an Estonian Startup Visa. This application must be supported by a thorough business plan, financial data, and other documents
  2. Application review: The Startup Estonia team will analyze the application after it has been submitted to see if the entrepreneur satisfies the program’s qualifying requirements
  3. Pitch invitation: If the application is accepted, the business owner will be asked to present their idea to a group of entrepreneurs in Estonia. The company idea and its likelihood of success should be discussed in the pitch
  4. After the pitch, the expert panel will decide whether or not to grant the entrepreneur a Startup Visa. The businessman will be given a temporary residency visa good for up to a year if it is accepted
  5. Move to Estonia: The entrepreneur must then move to Estonia and register their business within six months of receiving the temporary residence permit. They must also obtain health insurance and other necessary documents
  6. Renewal of the temporary residence permit: The entrepreneur must renew their temporary residence permit annually for up to five years, by demonstrating that they have met certain criteria, such as generating revenue, creating jobs, or making significant progress towards the growth of their business
  7. Apply for citizenship: After residing in Estonia for at least five years, the entrepreneur may be eligible to apply for Estonian citizenship, which would provide them with the right to live and work in Estonia and travel throughout the European Union without a visa


Who is eligible for the Estonian Startup Visa?

Entrepreneurs who have a scalable and innovative business idea, and who meet certain eligibility criteria, such as having a minimum of €1,500 in monthly income or investment.

How long is the Estonian Startup Visa valid for?

The Estonian Startup Visa is valid for up to one year initially, and can be renewed annually for up to five years, provided that the entrepreneur meets certain criteria.

Is it possible to apply for Estonian citizenship through the Startup Visa program?

Yes, after residing in Estonia for at least five years, entrepreneurs may be eligible to apply for Estonian citizenship, which would provide them with the right to live and work in Estonia and travel throughout the European Union without a visa.


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