Georgian citizenship by naturalization

The method by which people who are not Georgian nationals might become citizens of Georgia is known as “georgian citizenship by naturalization.” To become a citizen, you must fulfill certain qualifications and go through the application process.

The way of getting citizenship by naturalization in Georgia

To naturalize and become a citizen of Georgia, you must meet the requirements imposed by the Georgian government. To become a naturalized Georgian, the following requirements must be satisfied:

  1. Residency Requirements. You need to have been a resident of Georgia lawfully for at least five years in a row before you may file a petition to become a citizen. This requirement can be lowered to three years for those who are of Georgian heritage or who are married to Georgian nationals.
  2. Language proficiency. You must demonstrate that you are familiar with the Georgian language’s foundations.
  3. Abandonment of Prior Citizenship. Georgia often stipulates that in order to qualify for naturalization, applicants must relinquish their prior citizenship.
  4. Decent personality. You must possess outstanding moral integrity, a spotless criminal record, and a respectable reputation. Background checks and interviews may be conducted to evaluate your eligibility for citizenship.
  5. Knowledge of Georgia’s constitution and history. You must be able to demonstrate a basic understanding of the Georgian Constitution and Georgian history.

Documentation and Application

You must compile the necessary papers and follow the application procedure in order to apply for naturalization as Georgian citizenship. The general procedures and paperwork needed are listed below:

  1. Collect the necessary documents. The typical paperwork needed in Georgia for a citizenship application includes:
    • application for naturalization that has been completed
    • a current passport and copies of the pages
    • birth certificate and its Georgian translation that has been notarized
    • if applicable, a notarized translation into Georgian of the marriage certificate
    • proof of lawful Georgia residency for the necessary time period, such as a residence permit, visa, etc.
    • evidence of having enough money to sustain you and any dependents, such as bank statements and job contracts
    • a police clearance certificate from your native country and any other nation you have resided in for a significant amount of time.
    • language competence documentation, such as a Georgian language exam certificate
    • proof of Georgian history and the Constitution (such as passing a citizenship test or presenting relevant academic credentials)
    • four current passport-size pictures
  2. Fill of an application. In Georgia, this is typically accomplished by contacting the relevant Ministry of Justice office or the Public Service Development Agency.

Dual Nationality

Dual citizenship is generally not permitted in Georgia. This means that in order to become a naturalized citizen of Georgia, you must normally relinquish your prior citizenship(ies). There are just a few number of exceptions, such as bilateral agreements and unique situations.


How long do I need to reside in Georgia before applying for naturalization?

The general requirement is a continuous legal residency of at least five years. However, this period can be reduced to three years for individuals of Georgian origin or those who are married to a Georgian citizen.

Is knowledge of the Georgian language required for naturalization?

Yes, basic knowledge of the Georgian language is typically required. However, this requirement may be waived for individuals with physical or mental disabilities that prevent them from fulfilling it.

Can I retain my current citizenship if I acquire Georgian citizenship?

Georgia generally does not allow dual citizenship. You are usually required to renounce your previous citizenship(s) as a condition for naturalization. However, there are exceptions for certain countries based on bilateral agreements or in special circumstances.

What documents do I need to provide for the naturalization application?

The required documents may include a completed application form, passport, birth certificate, marriage certificate (if applicable), proof of residency, financial documents, language proficiency certificate, certificate of good conduct, and photographs. Specific requirements may vary, so it’s advisable to consult the relevant authorities.


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