Hungarian Citizenship by Marriage

If you are married to a Hungarian citizen or planning to marry one, you may be wondering about the possibility of obtaining Hungarian citizenship through marriage. Hungarian Citizenship by Marriage offers a pathway for foreign spouses to become Hungarian citizens and enjoy the rights and benefits that come with it.

Let’s explore the key aspects of Hungarian Citizenship by Marriage and find answers to your questions.:

  • Legal marriage: The first requirement is to enter into a legal marriage with a Hungarian citizen. The marriage should be recognized under Hungarian law.
  • Residence requirement: After marriage, the foreign spouse must have a legal and continuous residence in Hungary for at least three years before being eligible to apply for Hungarian citizenship. This means having a valid residence permit during this period.
  • Language proficiency and cultural knowledge: The foreign spouse will need to demonstrate a basic command of the Hungarian language and have knowledge of Hungarian culture and the legal system. This is typically assessed through a language and cultural knowledge examination.
  • Means of subsistence: The foreign spouse must provide evidence of a stable and lawful source of income or financial support to sustain themselves and any dependents.
  • Good character and absence of criminal record: The foreign spouse must have a clean criminal record and demonstrate good moral character.
  • Renunciation of previous citizenship: In most cases, Hungary requires individuals to renounce their previous citizenship(s) when acquiring Hungarian citizenship through marriage. However, exceptions may apply if renouncing citizenship would result in statelessness or in cases where Hungary has a bilateral agreement with the country of the foreign spouse’s citizenship.
  • Integration process: The foreign spouse may be required to participate in an integration process, which may include attending cultural and citizenship courses.

The Process

The specific process to obtain Hungarian citizenship by marriage typically involves the following steps:

  1. Meet the residence requirement: Ensure that the foreign spouse has legally resided in Hungary for the required period (three years) and has a valid residence permit.
  2. Language and cultural knowledge examination: Prepare for and pass the Hungarian language and cultural knowledge examinations. These exams assess language proficiency and understanding of Hungarian culture and the legal system.
  3. Application submission: Gather the necessary documents and submit an application for Hungarian citizenship by marriage to the regional office of the Office of Immigration and Nationality (OIN). The application form and required documents may include proof of identity, proof of legal residence, language and cultural knowledge examination certificates, evidence of means of subsistence, and other supporting documents.
  4. Background check: The OIN conducts a background check to verify the foreign spouse’s criminal record and moral character.
  5. Decision and oath of allegiance: If the application is approved, the foreign spouse will be invited to take an oath of allegiance to Hungary and be granted Hungarian citizenship.


Can I instantly become a citizen of Hungary if I marry a Hungarian?

No, acquiring Hungarian citizenship through marriage to a citizen of the country is not a given. To become a citizen of Hungary, you must fulfill certain prerequisites and go through the naturalization procedure.

How long do I have to be married to a Hungarian citizen to apply for citizenship?

Before you can petition for Hungarian citizenship through marriage, you must have lived there legally and continuously for at least three years.

Do I need to have permanent residency in Hungary before applying for citizenship by marriage?

No, permanent residency in Hungary is not a prerequisite for applying for Hungarian citizenship by marriage. However, you may need to have a valid residence permit or fulfill certain residency requirements to be eligible for the citizenship application.

Can my minor children also obtain Hungarian citizenship through my marriage?

Yes, minor children of a foreign spouse and a Hungarian citizen can usually apply for Hungarian citizenship along with their parent, provided they meet the necessary requirements and go through the application process.


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