Moldovan citizenship refers to the legal status of being a citizen of the Republic of Moldova, a landlocked country in Eastern Europe. The citizenship is regulated by the Constitution of Moldova, as well as the Law on Citizenship.

Benefits of Moldovan citizenship

Moldovan citizenship provides several benefits to individuals who possess it. Here are some of the key benefits associated with Moldovan citizenship:

  1. Right to live and work in Moldova: citizens have the right to reside and work in Moldova without any restrictions.
  2. Access to social services and healthcare: Moldovan citizens are entitled to access social services, including healthcare, education, and welfare benefits provided by the government.
  3. Political rights: Moldovan citizens have the right to participate in political processes, such as voting in elections and standing for public office.
  4. Visa-free or visa-on-arrival travel: Moldovan citizens can enjoy visa-free or visa-on-arrival travel to several countries.
  5. Consular protection: citizens can seek assistance and protection from Moldovan embassies or consulates abroad.
  6. Economic opportunities: citizenship can provide access to economic opportunities, such as employment prospects, business ventures, and investment possibilities in Moldova.
  7. Right to education: citizens have the right to access education in Moldova, including enrollment in public schools and universities on equal terms with other citizens.

How to Get Moldovan citizenship

There are various methods to become a citizen of Moldova:

  1. By birth: Regardless of the nationality of their parents, a child born on Moldovan soil is typically regarded as a citizen of Moldova.
  2. By descent: A person may be eligible for citizenship in Moldova if they were born abroad to parents who both held a Moldovan passport.
  3. By naturalization: Foreign nationals may be qualified to seek for citizenship through the naturalization procedure if they have lived legally in Moldova for a specific amount of time.
Moldovan citizenship by descent

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Moldovan citizenship by investment

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Moldovan citizenship by naturalization

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Moldovan citizenship by marriage

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Moldovan citizenship by birth

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Is dual citizenship allowed in Moldova?

Yes, Moldova generally allows dual citizenship. This means that individuals acquiring Moldovan citizenship may not be required to renounce their previous citizenship(s).

Are there any language requirements for obtaining Moldovan citizenship?

The language requirements for Moldovan citizenship can vary depending on the circumstances, such as the method of acquisition (birth, descent, naturalization) and the applicant’s age. Generally, proficiency in the state language, Romanian, is expected. However, exceptions and alternative language options may apply for certain categories of applicants.

What are the residency requirements for naturalization?

Typically, applicants must have resided legally in Moldova for a specific period of time, such as several years.

Can I pass on Moldovan citizenship to my children?

Moldovan citizenship can generally be passed on to children born to Moldovan citizen parents, either within or outside of Moldova.


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