Serbian citizenship by investment

Serbia does not have a formal citizenship by investment program in place. This means that you cannot acquire Serbian citizenship solely through financial investment. Citizenship in Serbia is typically obtained through birth, descent, marriage, or naturalization.

How to obtain citizenship by investment in Serbia

If you want to get Serbian citizenship, you must meet specific residence criteria, demonstrate competence in the Serbian language, have a clean criminal record, and complete other requirements.

Serbia offers a residence permit for investors through its business immigration program. This program allows individuals who invest in Serbia to obtain a temporary residence permit. Here are some general details about the residence permit for investors in Serbia:

  1. Investment options. The Serbian government provides several investment options for obtaining a residence permit. These alternatives may include creating a business, investing in real estate, or contributing significantly to the Serbian economy. The specific requirements and investment thresholds may vary, so it’s advisable to consult with the Serbian authorities or an immigration lawyer for detailed and up-to-date information.
  2. Application process. To apply for a residence permit as an investor, you would typically need to submit the necessary application forms, supporting documents, and investment-related information to the Serbian authorities. This may include a detailed business plan, evidence of financial means, proof of investment, and any other required documentation.
  3. Residency requirements. Once your application is approved, you would be granted a temporary residence permit. The duration of the permit can vary but is typically granted for one year initially. During this period, you would need to comply with the conditions of the residence permit, such as maintaining your investment and fulfilling any other requirements set by the Serbian government.
  4. Renewal and permanent residence. Temporary residence permits can be renewed, typically for an additional two years at a time, as long as the investment and other requirements continue to be met. After a certain period of legal residency in Serbia, individuals may become eligible to apply for permanent residence or citizenship, subject to fulfilling the necessary criteria.

Application and Supporting Documents

Serbia offers a pathway to citizenship through its regular naturalization process, which includes provisions for investors. Here are the general steps to obtain citizenship in Serbia.

  1. Residency. The first step is to obtain legal residency in Serbia. You can apply for a temporary residency visa based on investment, such as founding a business, investing in real estate, or contributing significantly to the Serbian economy.
  2. Fulfillment of requirements. During your period of legal residency, you will need to fulfill certain conditions, such as maintaining a certain period of uninterrupted residency, complying with tax obligations, and meeting any additional requirements set by the Serbian government.
  3. Language and knowledge test. As part of the naturalization process, you will need to demonstrate proficiency in the Serbian language and have a basic knowledge of the country’s history, culture, and constitution.
  4. Clean criminal record.
  5. Application for citizenship. Once you have met the residency requirements and fulfilled the necessary conditions, you can apply for Serbian citizenship through the Ministry of Internal Affairs.

Dual Nationality

Serbia allows its citizens to hold dual nationality. This means that individuals who acquire Serbian citizenship do not need to renounce their existing citizenship(s) from other countries.


Is there a citizenship by investment program in Serbia?

Serbia does not have a formal citizenship by investment program in place.

What are the general requirements to obtain citizenship as an investor in Serbia?

While there is no specific program for investors in Serbia, you may still be able to obtain citizenship through the regular naturalization process. The requirements for naturalization typically include a period of legal residency in Serbia, proficiency in the Serbian language, knowledge of Serbian history and culture, a clean criminal record, and meeting any additional criteria specified by the Serbian government.

Do I need to make a specific investment to qualify for citizenship in Serbia?

Serbia does not have a specific investment requirement for citizenship. However, if you are interested in investing in Serbia, you may be eligible for a residence permit under the business immigration program. This permit allows you to reside in Serbia and conduct investment activities, but it does not grant automatic citizenship.

Can I hold dual citizenship with Serbia?

Serbia generally allows dual citizenship. This means that you can retain your existing citizenship(s) while acquiring Serbian citizenship.


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