Slovenian citizenship by birth

Slovenian citizenship by birth is primarily determined by the principle of jus sanguinis, which means citizenship is generally inherited through descent from Slovenian citizens.

How to get citizenship by birth in Slovenia

There are a few situations in which a person can acquire Slovenian citizenship by birth:

  1. At least one parent is a Slovenian citizen. If one or both of your parents are Slovenian citizens at the time of your birth, you will acquire Slovenian citizenship by birth.
  2. Unknown or stateless parents. If the parents of a child born in Slovenia are unknown or stateless, and the child would be left without any citizenship, the child can be granted Slovenian citizenship by birth.

Documentation and Application

To obtain Slovenian citizenship by birth, you will need to gather the necessary documentation and submit an application to the competent Slovenian authorities. Here are the general steps involved:

  1. Gather the required documents. The specific documents may vary depending on your situation and the circumstances of your birth. However, typical documents that may be required include:
    • Your birth certificate: This should include information about your parents.
    • Your parents’ identification documents: Such as their passports or identity cards.
    • Proof of your parents’ Slovenian citizenship: If they are Slovenian citizens, you will need to provide evidence of their citizenship, such as their Slovenian passports or citizenship certificates.
    • Any other relevant documents: Depending on your specific situation, additional documents may be required. For example, if you are applying under the stateless category, you may need to provide evidence of your stateless status.
  2. Complete the application form. Obtain the application form for Slovenian citizenship from the competent authorities, such as the Slovenian Ministry of the Interior or the relevant embassy or consulate. Fill out the form accurately and provide all the requested information.
  3. Submit your application. Submit your completed application form along with the required documents to the appropriate authorities. Make sure to follow any specific instructions provided by the authorities regarding the submission process. It’s advisable to make copies of all the documents for your records.
  4. Application processing. The authorities will review your application and the supporting documents. The processing time can vary, so it’s important to be patient during this stage. If additional information or documents are required, the authorities will notify you.
  5. Decision and notification. Once your application has been processed, you will receive a decision regarding your Slovenian citizenship application. If your application is approved, you will be notified, and you may receive a certificate of Slovenian citizenship.

Dual Citizenship

Slovenia recognizes and allows dual citizenship, which means that you can hold Slovenian citizenship along with the citizenship of another country. This policy enables individuals to enjoy the benefits and rights of both Slovenian citizenship and their other citizenship.


Can I acquire Slovenian citizenship if I was born in Slovenia but my parents are not Slovenian citizens?

Generally, Slovenian citizenship is not automatically granted if you were born in Slovenia but neither of your parents are Slovenian citizens.

Is it possible to acquire Slovenian citizenship if I was born outside of Slovenia but one of my parents is a Slovenian citizen?

Yes, if one of your parents is a Slovenian citizen at the time of your birth, you are generally eligible to acquire Slovenian citizenship by birth. You may need to provide relevant documentation to prove your parent’s Slovenian citizenship.

I was born in Slovenia, but my parents' citizenship is unknown or they are stateless. Can I obtain Slovenian citizenship?

If your parents are unknown or stateless and you were born in Slovenia, you may be eligible to acquire Slovenian citizenship by birth. You will need to provide relevant documentation and follow the application process to establish your eligibility.

Can I hold dual citizenship with Slovenia if I acquire Slovenian citizenship by birth?

Yes, Slovenia allows dual citizenship. Therefore, if you acquire Slovenian citizenship by birth, you can generally maintain your citizenship of another country as well.


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