Ukrainian citizenship by birth

Ukrainian citizenship by birth refers to the acquisition of Ukrainian citizenship automatically at birth. In Ukraine, the principle of jus sanguinis (right of blood) is primarily followed, meaning that citizenship is typically determined by the citizenship of one or both parents. However, there are also circumstances in which a person can acquire Ukrainian citizenship at birth based on their place of birth.

How to obtain citizenship by birth in Ukraine

The citizenship of the parents at the time of the child’s birth determines citizenship by birth, according to Ukrainian law. The following are the general guidelines:

  1. If both parents are present at the moment of birth, the kid is automatically a Ukrainian citizen.
  2. If one parent is a Ukrainian citizen and the other is a foreign citizen, their child may acquire Ukrainian citizenship under specific conditions. If one of the parents is a Ukrainian permanent resident, the kid may be eligible for Ukrainian citizenship. This provision allows for the transmission of Ukrainian citizenship to children in mixed-nationality families, ensuring recognition of their Ukrainian heritage and facilitating their connection to the country.
  3. The infant does not immediately become a Ukrainian citizen if both parents are foreign nationals and the birth occurs on Ukrainian soil. For such circumstances, there are however avenues for applying for Ukrainian citizenship.

Application and Accompanying Files

The following are some components that are typical of applications and supporting documents:

  1. A request form. An application for Ukrainian citizenship must be filled out. This form can typically be downloaded from the Ukrainian government’s website or obtained through the country’s embassy or consulate.
  2. Evidence of identification. Usually, you’ll have to show identification, such a current passport or national ID card.
  3. Certificate of birth. As evidence of your birthdate and place, submit a copy of your birth certificate.
  4. Proof of Ukrainian ancestry. Your parents’ or grandparents’ birth certificates, marriage licenses, or other proof tying you to Ukraine may be required if you are applying for Ukrainian citizenship based on your Ukrainian heritage or descent.
  5. Evidence of residence. You might be asked to submit proof of your present or former residence in Ukraine, depending on the specifics of your application. Utility bills, tenancy agreements, and other official documents may fall under this category.
  6. Marriage license(s). To demonstrate your marital status, if applicable, produce copies of your marriage license.
  7. Language ability. You could occasionally be asked to provide proof of your Ukrainian language ability. Depending on your situation, exceptions may be made to this criterion.
  8. Financial information. To prove your ability to support oneself in Ukraine, you can be asked to present documents like bank statements or work contracts as proof of your financial stability.

Dual Citizenship

Except in a few limited circumstances, dual citizenship is normally not permitted in Ukraine. According to Ukrainian law, everyone applying for Ukrainian citizenship must relinquish their former citizenship.


If I am born in Ukraine, am I automatically a Ukrainian citizen?

No, being born in Ukraine does not automatically grant you Ukrainian citizenship. Ukrainian citizenship is primarily based on the citizenship of your parents rather than the place of birth.

What are the requirements for acquiring Ukrainian citizenship by birth?

To acquire Ukrainian citizenship by birth, at least one of your parents must be a Ukrainian citizen at the time of your birth. If either your mother or father is a Ukrainian citizen, you can be eligible for Ukrainian citizenship by birth.

Can I acquire Ukrainian citizenship if only one of my grandparents is Ukrainian?

No, having one Ukrainian grandparent does not automatically entitle you to Ukrainian citizenship. Ukrainian citizenship by birth is determined based on the citizenship of your parents, not grandparents.

What if I was born in Ukraine to non-Ukrainian parents?

If both of your parents are foreign citizens at the time of your birth in Ukraine, you do not automatically acquire Ukrainian citizenship. In this case, you would typically acquire the citizenship of your parents or the citizenship of the country they are from.

Can I apply for Ukrainian citizenship if I was adopted by Ukrainian citizens?

Yes, if you were legally adopted by Ukrainian citizens, you have the possibility to apply for Ukrainian citizenship. The adoption process should be completed according to Ukrainian laws, and you need to meet the necessary requirements set by the Ukrainian government to obtain citizenship.

Is there an age limit for acquiring Ukrainian citizenship by birth?

No, there is no specific age limit for acquiring Ukrainian citizenship by birth. As long as you meet the requirements, you can acquire Ukrainian citizenship regardless of your age.

Can I have dual citizenship in Ukraine?

In general, Ukrainian law does not permit dual citizenship for adults. However, there are exceptions and certain circumstances where dual citizenship may be allowed.


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