Romanian citizenship by investment

There is no formal Romanian citizenship-by-investment scheme that permits persons to obtain Romanian citizenship simply through financial investments. Unlike several other countries, Romania does not provide a direct path to citizenship through investment or charity.

Romania, on the other hand, has a variety of investment options and programs that can lead to resident permits or long-term visas. These programs are intended to entice foreign investors and entrepreneurs to contribute to the economy of the country. Individuals can gain residency rights or permission to live and work in Romania by investing in specified areas or initiatives.

How to get citizenship by investment in Romania

Here are some common measures to take if you want to gain Romanian residency through investment:

  1. Investigate your investment possibilities. Investigate the investing opportunities in Romania. This could be real estate, company development, or employment creation. Learn about the unique requirements and conditions for each investment opportunity.
  2. Consult with professionals. Seek the counsel of immigration lawyers or consultants who are knowledgeable about Romanian immigration legislation. They may give you personalized advice based on your individual investment goals and circumstances.
  3. Create a new business or invest in an existing one. Consider starting your own business in Romania or investing in an established one. This can help the country’s economy and possibly open doors to residency permits or long-term visas.
  4. Meet investment requirements. Ensure that you meet the Romanian authorities’ investment standards. This could include minimum investment quantities, job creation targets, or specified investment areas.
  5. Prepare the required documentation. Gather all of the paperwork needed to support your investment application. Business plans, financial accounts, proof of investment capital, and any other documentation sought by the authorities may be included.
  6. Submit your application. Submit your investment proposal to the appropriate Romanian authorities. Follow the instructions and pay close attention to any special processes or forms that may be required.
  7. Complete your residence requirements. Once you have obtained your resident permit or long-term visa, you must follow the Romanian authorities’ residency requirements. This could entail keeping your firm running, completing tax obligations, and abiding by other legal obligations.

Dual Citizenship

Romania generally allows its citizens to hold dual citizenship. This means that you can acquire Romanian citizenship through various means, such as descent, marriage, or naturalization while retaining your current citizenship.


Can I obtain Romanian citizenship by making an investment in the country?

There is no direct citizenship-by-investment program in Romania. However, certain investment options may lead to residency permits or long-term visas, which can be a pathway towards eventual citizenship eligibility through other means, such as naturalization.

What are the investment options available in Romania for obtaining residency permits?

Romania offers various investment options, including real estate investment, business development, job creation, and investment in government bonds. Each investment option has its own specific requirements and conditions, which may include minimum investment amounts, job creation targets, or investing in specific sectors.

What are the requirements for obtaining a residency permit or long-term visa through investment in Romania?

The requirements can vary depending on the specific investment option chosen. Generally, you will need to fulfill the investment amount or job creation targets, provide documentation to support your investment, and meet any additional requirements set by the Romanian authorities.

Can I apply for Romanian citizenship after obtaining a residency permit through investment?

Acquiring a residency permit through investment is not an automatic pathway to Romanian citizenship. To become a Romanian citizen, you would typically need to fulfill the requirements for naturalization, which include a minimum period of continuous residency in Romania, knowledge of the Romanian language, and passing a citizenship exam.

Are there any language or integration requirements for obtaining Romanian citizenship as an investor?

There are language and integration requirements for naturalization as a Romanian citizen, which typically include knowledge of the Romanian language and passing a citizenship exam.


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